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Standard benefit Agreement for fundraising

This is a typical delivery agreement of S&Go for an investor search and financing benefit. This document is reserved for prospects referenced by S&Go.

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Benefit Agreement: financing advice and research

The CLIENT (company name, Siren or Siret, address, manager, phone, email):


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Commande à S&Go une prestation de conseil et recherche de financements et/ou investisseur 

At the request of the customer, S&GO will initiate contacts with investors and potential funders of the project presented by the client. The customer will send the necessary information and documents with availability and diligence. In case of financing by a financier identified by S&Go (e-mails authentic), all the funds it grants to the client give rise to the remuneration of S&Go described below.


  1. Preparation: Reading of the business Plan and financial documents, understanding of the project, the need for financing, possible rewrites, proposal of funding trails to explore. Writing an executive summary that is usable according to standard standards.  Possible control and reinforcement of pitch.
  2. Targeting/prospecting: Selection of investment funds, business angels, investors or financiers to prospect among 300 investment funds, 50 networks of business angels, 500 active private investors, financing networks of S&Go... Registration on the partner platforms and on the page ( Active prospecting with the targets.
  3. Return Management: Replies, transmission of documents or additional information to interested investors and linking by telephone or mail with the customer. Assistance in the eventual interviews.


Prestations commandées :  Payment is requested for each step After realization On a basis of 50eurosHT/hour (100 euros if in English) and at a flat price for the use of paying tools (payable in advance on customer's agreement and proof). The customer peut refuser les prestations proposées  si elles ne correspondent pas à ses attentes. In this case, this interrupts the provision of S&GO and terminates this agreement.

Compensation for Success: In the case of fundraising Non-refundable (capital, subsidy,....), S&Go's success compensation is set at 5% HT of the amounts raised (which are withdrawn from the amounts previously paid) by or through the contacts made by S&Go. It is paid without delay after receipt of the funds by the customer.  In the case of a loan or refundable advance, the remuneration is 1% or even 0% if from a partner (will be indicated to the client).

Exclusive: The customer is forbidden to negotiate directly with the financiers or on the tools of connection brought by S&Go. The client transmits the list of potential investors or intermediaries to be excluded from this contract.  Any financing for the benefit of the client by a financier designated by S&Go outside this list gives rise to the remuneration provided above.

Investors, financiers excluded from prospecting (on customer's indication):


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TRANSPARENCE :  The two signatories Exchange by mail in full transparency under this contract. They have a reciprocal information obligation on any element that may influence this benefit.

Confidentiality: S&Go considers as confidential all information communicated to it by the client about it and is obligated not to disclose it to third parties except to financiers or intermediaries who may be able to obtain the funds sought. Strictly confidential information should not be communicated in writing to S&Go as long as they are useless for prospecting. The customer will book them to the interlocutors that he will select according to his own conditions.  Similarly the customer is obligated to keep confidential the contacts and the technical information that S&Go communicates to him in writing.

Termination: Termination is possible simply by sending mail. It stops the mission of S&Go but it cannot suspend the obligations described (exclusivity, transparency, confidentiality, payment) for the contacts made before the termination.

COMPETENT court in case of dispute: Paris or Nanterre. In case of refusal of the payment to the success, S&Go will no longer be bound by any obligation towards the customer. will be due to S&Go: arrears, reimbursement of legal costs and an indemnity of 30% of the amounts owing.


 POUR S&Go, Stéphane GODARD – Président

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