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Ecommerce Fashion Design

Sale: Company of jewellery and seaside sandals

Activity: Development, manufacture and marketing of costume jewellery, fashion accessories and seaside sandals made of silicone and vegetable gum.

Customers:  Importers-Distributors for export: 60%, retailers (gift shops, jewellery stores, museum shops, department stores, Internet B to b): 35%, individuals: 5%

Références: Price of the product of the year 2017 by the MSA (Association of Buyers of American museums). Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Takashimaya Tokyo, Robinson Singapore, Guggenheim Museum store NY (best seller), Smithsonian Institute Washington (best seller), Vente-privé etc.

Strengths: Registered trademark in more than 20 countries. Models and designs deposited in Europe and USA. Powerful website with 2500 to 9000 visits per month.

Competition: Unique positioning. A single competitor with similar products but very different models. 


Financial Situation

Comments on the financial situation (cash, equity, loans, charges...):

Balance sheet 2017:320KE of CA HT, 27 ke of losses, 188 ke of equity.
Balance sheet 2016:390 ke of CA HT, 9 ke of net profit accounting, 215 ke of equity.
Balance sheet 2015:512 ke of CA HT, 12 ke of net profit accounting, 206 ke of equity.
Important stock, recent, including sandals due to the manufacturing minima, which will not lose its value in the short term and can generate 1.5 million Euros of CA at the public price. No debt or bank loan. Forecast of a 50 KE campaign credit to CIC during summer 2018 to finance a new production.


The assignment

Reasons for the assignment: New Business Project

Type of buyer sought (majority, minority, total, person, funds?....): Majority, Total, person or fund. Experience in the fashion industry desirable in order to maximize the chances of success of the recovery.

Has an evaluation of the company been made? by whom (coordinates)?: Not

Desired amount: To be negotiated 

Will the officer be able to stay in place after the assignment, on what duration?: Yes, as long as necessary.