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New: Fundraising (majority)-a regional theme park: This theme park is ambitious-at the height of Futuroscope or Parc Asterix; It has the full support of the public authorities and the major players in the sector.  Target amount: over 10th.

 OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE PLATFORM (IDF): 29 million of employees are followed by occupational medicine. A complete monitoring platform validated by professionals is only waiting for the means of its priming to conquer this market. In negotiations with a fund for 2nd. She is looking for a 100000 euro relay support pending the closing (Read more) 


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New Fundraising- SAAS platform EXPERT for major social donors (Paris): This company can become a must because of its solutions. Its technology is so powerful that the largest social landlord in France (+ 250000 managed housing) is in negotiation to buy it: 700KE, programmers in-house-many patents-excellations references-strong barrier to entry..  Target amount: To be negotiated. BP ambitious.

New Fundraising- A WINE MERCHANT APPROVED BY THE AMF: This company is a reference in the market for the storage of Grands Crus on behalf of individual owners. After considering wine as a financial product, the AMF has approved this company among the reliable operators of the sector. Double barrier to entry: AMF accreditation, experience and notoriety. Very high ambitions of development.

New Fundraising- A BRAND OF ORGANIC COSMETICS AND BEAUTY CENTERS: This Parisian company has created a brand of organic beauty (distributed by bio that good and others...). She needs a partner to get to the top speed. Beautiful image, beautiful products at consumer prices. Amount sought 100 to 200KE.

New Fundraising- An aluminum smelter (north): Manufacturer of high-tech parts for Air Bus, Safran, Alstom... This company wants to start an international development project. Target Amount: 500KE



Projects of RESIDENCES in Lents MEZZANINE: This company Approved by the AMF is the leader in participatory real estate financing thanks to many successful operations in France (Pantin, Bordeaux, Bayonne...). 12th harvested; 7ME reimbursed, King of 9% on average. It offers mezzanine lending solutions for large investors. Numerous files (ongoing and achévés) available for consultation.




We regularly receive international projects: Russia, Africa, Middle East... The projects range from a few tens of thousands of euros to several tens of millions. Read MORE:



Invest (Start-up, SME, TPE)

SectorActivityLocationType of investmentTarget amount (euros)Comments
Medicine, computing, SAAS, platformMedicine, computing, SAAS, platformWORK MEDICINE PLATFORM
IDFLifting200000Technology ready, promises to buy, high profitability
E Commerce, Books, school LOGISTICS SOLUTION SCHOOL BOOKS IN THE CARIBBEANCaribbeanLifting50000No direct competition, meets an existing need
Computer science, finance, crypto currencyComputer science, finance, crypto currencyCRYPTO-ECOLOGICAL MONEY MINING FARMPACALifting2500000For the experts of the Crypto monnaie, innovative techno
Renewable energy, B2B, BtoC, technologyECO-ENERGIE-100% REDUCTION OF THE EDF INVOICEIDFLifting200000Technology and know-how
Water, Marine, technologyPRODUCTION OF DRINKING WATER FROM DEEP SEA WATER IDFLifting35000000Big project for an institutional investor, high profitability
Education, trainingTRAINING ORGANIZATIONIDFLifting200000For a private investor or a teaching company
Fashion, B2B, BtoC, shoes, sneakersCITY SNEAKERS FRENCHIDFLifting200000Beautiful innovative products with pokes market
Industrial weldingIndustrial piping AuvergneLifting200000Company to straighten with strong potential and beautiful clientele
Architecture, building, ecology, greenhousesGREENHOUSES IN THE MIDDLE URBANIDFLifting450000Innovative project in a growing sector
Naval, innovative ephemeral materials, Innovative boat Shells TechnologyAquitaineLifting100000For industrial specialists interested in innovative materials
Application, public transport, BtoC, Application, public transport, BtoC, TRANSPORT APPLICATION INNOVATIVENorthLifting450000For an expert in the application market
Rental Services, B2B, events, screensGIANT SCREEN RENTALSIDFLifting200000Beautiful company in business with a clientele and a sourcing
Internet, platform, Automotive, B2B, BtoCInternet, platform, Automotive, B2B, BtoCREVERSE CAR WEB PLATFORMNorthLifting200000For applications or automotive market experts
Chemistry, lubricants, industry, high performance oilsChemistry, lubricants, industry, high performance oilsLubricants Company Lubricants Company D'occitanieTotal AssignmentTo be negotiatedPatents, proprietary products, loyal B2B customers