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We seek according to the profile of your company (sector, target amount, type of participation...) Among:

  • Nearly 200 investment funds
  • More than 2000 business buyers
  • Close to 500 private investors
  • About Fifty business angels networks
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Priming and Venture CAPITAL

  • un Seed Fund in Paris is looking for innovative START UP et technologiques à fort potentiel, de préférence internet et applications. Produit éprouvé. CA en forte croissance ou preuves de potentiel de croissance. Ticket: entre 0,5 et 2 millions euros sur 5 ans environ. Majoritaire ou minoritaire.
  •   un Funds from the west of France wants to invest in TPE à fort potentiel. Ticket: entre 0,2 et 0,5 ME sur 7 ans environ. Activités traditionnelles en forte croissance avec un CA minimum de 0,5 millions euros. Plutôt minoritaire.
  • un Paris fund wants to invest in social or ecological projects dans le cadre d'une activité responsable. Ticket: entre 0,3 et 1,5 millions euros sur 5 à 8 ans. Activité innovante et en croissance.  
  • un fonds parisien investit en Serie A et B dans des sociétés B2B logiciels (SaaS, PaaS), e-services, mobilité et IoT et au business model majoritairement récurrent. 

CAPITAL Development or reversal

  • un Paris Development Fund Business search à potentiel avec un CA Mini 5 million euros en forte croissance ou un projet de développement. De préférence innovant (pas nécessairement technologique) avec barrière à l'entrée et bon bilan. Ticket entre 1 et 3 millions euros sur 5 ans environ. Minoritaire ou majoritaire.  

160 Active private investors are looking for a minority interest:

IDF: 49 Minority investors (50KE to 1000KE)-services, trade, technology, BTP, food, fashion...

Alsace: 7 Minority investors (50KE to 450KE)-trade, services, industry

Aquitaine: 24 minoriatires investors (50KE to 1000KE)-industry, techno, naval...

Your Potential investors:


Private investor-Industry trading Services (Rhone Alpes)-750KE

Research: A structured business, with a management role-staff: up to 50 people, CA MIN from 1.5-2 m €-valorisation: Up to 4-5 M €

Sectors:-industry, off-cutting or too technical (which requires to be a man of the art) and everything that touches the business too "artisanal", type second work building...,-trading,-services

Contribution: Available immediately from 750 K €

Regions: Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne, Central... even French-speaking Switzerland
Course: Large companies, administrator of one of the family companies (electromechanical), resold since to a Swedish multinational.

REF: gm25181038

Premium Luxury sector Investor-food and other-IDF-600KE

Research: A structured business, with a management role-CA MIN of € 2.5 M-Profitable (5% env or +)

Sectors: food (chocolates, pastry, organic products, wine...), accessories, jewellery...



Course: Entrepreneur of 61 years with a long experience of the high-end pastry.

Ref: PR 260618

Private investors

  • Parisian investor, Former senior executive of a multinational consumer goods company wants to get involved in the development of a business within two hours of flight from Paris. Contribution 300 KE to 1ME + support of an investment fund (up to 10th). Minority or Majority. Rather B2B (trading, manufacturing, digital...) except agricultural sector, raw materials and Construction. (Ref: Sun 091008)
  • Private investor Looking for an industrial TPE for a full recovery. CA 2nd about. Geographical areas: Centre (around Orléans) or South East (Rhone-Alpes). Active Participation sought. Possible contribution: 750k €. (PLLT0705)
  • Private investor cherche entreprise bien structurée en manque d'organisation ou ayant besoin d'une levée de fonds. Industrial/Technologies Electronics. Contribution: 200 k € to 300 K €. (ref 436325)
  • Investor souhaite accompagner une entreprise dans son développement. Secteurs: Distribution/Internet/computer/software/leisure/tourism/luxury/Services. Contribution: 100 to 1000KE (ref 435324)
  • Construction and industry recherché par investisseur intéressé par - Travaux d'accès difficile Apport : 100 k€ Ville : Aix-en-Provence
  • Secondary State bodies Wanted By: State engineer-construction- Input: 50 k € -B2B Services, Energy sector wanted by general manager Installation and maintenance of elevators search
  • Industrial or technological SME recherché par entreprise  Industrie de l'automobile Input: 200 k €

Private investor-Industry, second work, software (Rhone Alpes/Savoie)-800KE

Research: Investing in a company (manager's majority position)

Structured SME > 15 people. From 2 to 10 M €.

Sectors: Industry, second work Building, BE, software development...

Contribution: Available immediately from 800 K €

Regions: Rhône-Alpes, (Savoie if possible)

Training: Ecole des Mines

Course: Mining engineer of Paris. International Dimension: fluent English, Japanese. 20 years of experience in the management of industrial SMEs and business development in France and internationally. An experienced, pragmatic and passionate leader, I am a rigorous manager and I have a strong taste for the management of men.

REF: LK230618

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