Financing and investors for SME, START UP

What funding to choose?

There have never been so many financing solutions. The Internet will present you with lists of endless solutions without telling you which combination is most relevant in function;

  • Your company profile
  • of your long-term needs
  • of your Eligibility
  • A fee
  • Specific aid
  • The state of the investor market


Why ask for a loan if my expenses can be financed by the State or if I realize afterwards that I am not eligible for the desired conditions? How to choose between several funding platforms? Beyond the eligibility, which formula to choose? Ready? Lifting? Donations? Will I have time to test them all before I choose? For my projects, is it better to get an investor? In this case, how will it work? How to balance the different solutions? How much can I claim?


When your decision is made, by what formula do you start? Do I have to click on the website that Google presented me at the top of the list or are there other solutions? Are the solutions most suited to my business, necessarily the ones I see on my computer screen?

Once my decision is made, will I have time to make all the requests online? How do I know if I have filed my application on the right websites? Did I miss out on solutions that the search engine didn't show me?


With S&Go, you benefit from a free exchange on all aspects of your needs and on the solutions that can be offered to you. You will go beyond what a search engine offers you. Loans, investors, state financial aid, acquirer... all alternatives will be considered according to a few traditional economic elements (CA, result, age of the company...) and your projects (solve a cash problem, put in Implement a development strategy or for example find partners...).