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Food sector

Acquiring organic production company

A food distribution company (more than 100 stores in France) seeks to acquire an organic food production company or wish to go to organic production with the partnership. Between 500KE and 10th. Products Wanted: Biscuits, dry products, saline foods, beverages, wines, champagne, cheeses, teas, coffees, fruit... The company must not be too artisanal to be able to produce large quantities. The investor can redeem the business or take equity as appropriate.

Chain of distribution dairy products/cheeses wants to acquire a production company

This company wishes to operate an upstream external growth with the acquisition of a producer of high quality, non-industrial dairy products. Ca of the company sought: 300KE to 2nd. It doesn't matter what the financial situation is. Ref ch270718

Investment Funds

A French investment fund wants to support companies in sectors ofTraditional activities In their development projects. Amounts Mobilizeable Between 200 and 400KE With dormant minority participation (less than 25% without management Participation) and a 5-year exit Strategy. Criteria: Healthy business over 3 years With a relevant development project.

Ref: w1210

Acquiring wine production company

A private investor wants to invest 150KE in a wine production company oriented towards innovation and quality, bio, Oeunotourisme. Fascinated by this activity, he wants to associate with the entrepreneur to develop his activity. Desired value less than 500KE. REF Bio DP 270718.

Buyer for wholesaler in Italian or Spanish food products

Italian and/or Spanish product distribution company in B2B wants to grow externally by buying a wholesaler of products in this category.  Wanted: 800 to 8000KE. Total Acquisition. Ref ADC 270718

Private purchaser wants to take over a production company food distribution

An investor wants to return to a healthy business of production distribution B2B-CA sup to 2nd-amount of his contribution: 500KE.

Ref: ma270718

State financial aid for international exploration

Aid of 65% of the budget for participation in trade shows, airfare, hotel fees, communication... are proposed by the State for companies wishing to develop their exports. (Learn more about the)

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