Financing and investors for SME, START UP



Business/Commercial offer::

Fast Food bikers and Truckers


Target markets (types of customers, market sizes...)::

All customers of the industrial zone next door (company Wrigleys, Constellium... or more than 5000 employees)
Close to the German border, great places of road passage (motorcycles, trucks...)
Lots of concentration motorcycles in the area (Fun car, City Illzach 68110...)

Business model What you sell, to whom, at what price, according to what terms of payment? :

Fast food and beverage (small catering license)
Beautiful margins
Cash and CB payment, restaurant tickets

Key milestones in the company's life:

We are on the eve of the opening and just missing the funds to do the latest works and hardware purchases


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Direct and Indirect competition:

Indirect competition: There are a lot of hotel-restaurants, gourmet restaurants that will not pose any problems in relation to the targeted clientele
Their weaknesses: No parking for the drivers because they are located in the city centre, not speed of service
The Salt box, 11 Rue du Rhin, Volgelsheim
Groff Hotel with two keys, 50 Grand'rue, Biesheim
Hotel la clef des champs, 19 Grand'rue, Biesheim
Pizzeria-Restaurant La Fork, 19 a Grand-Rue, Biesheim
Pizzerai Ristorante Colosseo,23 rue des fishermen, Biesheim
The date, Doner Kebab, 5 Industry Road, Biesheim
Thai House, Restaurant, 12 Rue des PËCHEURS, Biesheim
At the Ochidée, Restaurant,46 Grand'rue, Biesheim

Forecasts of CA (growth, method of calculation retained, assumptions retained, orders, etc...):

For a full year: 94 710 euros (see forecast)
Second year: 110 000 euros

Strengths of the offer compared to competitors:

No direct competition
Proximity to Companies
Easy axle for trucks, semi-trailers and cars
Knowledge of the biker community



Current workforce:

1 (Manager) + 1 Help

The strengths of the team:

Availability and know-how

Projects at 2 years.:

Opening of a heated terrace to welcome more people and to do more events (mini concerts, motorcycle purse....)
Advertise (flyers) to be a point of step for any bikers


Projected turnover in 1 year (with lift):

It would be the same as the numbers advertised because the start-up cannot be done without the fundraising

Forecast result in 1 year:

110 000 euros

Forecasting in two years:

120 000 euros

Forecast result in 2 years:

120 000 euros

This forecast in 3 years:

130 000 euros

Forecast result in 3 years:

130 000 euros

This forecast in 4 years:

140 0000 euros

Forecast result in 4 years:

140 000 euros

Patents and intellectual property:


References (major accounts, outstanding clients, partners...):

Association recommendation Letter


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