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High end City sneakers MADE in FRANCE

This company has introduced an innovation in a product virtually unchanged since its creation. It is aimed at "smart and lazy". These are those CSP + populations connected, active (when it is an activity they like), lazy (when it is a constraint).

It is this population that inspires the most surprising innovations to simplify life: the solar-powered watch (why put up its watch or set a battery while the sun can do it?), the solo wheel (Why Walk on Long Distances while you can use an electric wheel?), artificial intelligence, non-driver niche systems.... The examples are multiple!

The "Smart and lazy" found their city basketball thanks to this company. If so many personalities have adopted it so quickly, it is because this company has been able to respond to their need to have a product:

  • NEW: No brand has created a similar model
  • Beautiful and design
  • Made in France on the banks of the Loire in the best French factory
  • Comfortable: Comfort is the obsession of the founder
  • Practical: Only lace-up shoe that can be put on and off with a single gesture by de-scratching the rear part

And in addition they are customizable to the initials of his or her owner in letters to the gold leaf.


The Avener



L'entreprise : 

Année de création Décembre 2016 - Début activité : 23 Mars 2017 - NAF CODE : 4791B - Equity: 141,975 euros

Target markets:

Target Heart aspirational: 25/35 years, the "smart and lazy".

Final consumer: CSP + +, male and female, French and international, any age.

The targeted market (more than $250 per pair), represents 5% of the world market of the sneaker rated at 1 pair per year per capita for a turnover of 80 billion million (Les Echos). This market is constantly increasing.

B to C : 

Website of the brand: 5,000 registered to date. 1 for sale all 80 visits.

International web sites of luxury and fashion, small sites made in France.

B2C Chinese Internet Sites for the made in France.

Department stores, concept stores, multi-brands of cosmopolitan consumer Centers (London, NY, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Milan, Miami...)


Example of a SEA SHEPHERD project (under negotiation)

Public opinion is increasingly concerned about the ecological issues and more particularly of the plastic continents discovered in the open sea. Sea Shepherd Contacted us After discovering our models and felt that they matched the spirit of their community (beautiful shoes, cool in their design). We are negotiating for  Making Vegan Shoes à partir de la matière première des filets capturés en mer. Sea Shepherd est une organisation de protection des baleines qui compte plusieurs millions de fans à travers le monde (400000 en France)  Ils possèdent des e-boutiques dans tous les pays occidentalisés.

Les points forts de l’équipe : Managers expérimentés et professionnels reconnus sur leur marché et qui ont tous connu un succès dans leur passé. Une usine française réactive, proche de Paris, capable de fabriquer de toutes petites quantités si besoin. Effectif actuel: 6 

CA prévisionnel en 2019: 901,000 euros

CA prévisionnel en 2020; 1.7 million euros

CA prévisionnel en 2021: 2.3 million euros.

Patents and intellectual property: Deposit of the Mark

Références actuelles: Spring of man 5th floor Hausmann, Space creator 5th floor with company 5a in Spring woman Hausmann, ephemeral stands at Galeries Lafayette and BHV....


French factory with a capacity of 640,000 pairs per year.

Fonds déjà levés : 160ke

Projects to be financed: Immediate purchase of the 1st Mini-production of 600 pairs destined to make the buzz around the brand, communication, brand marketing, samples, trade shows, pop-ups...

Type of investor sought (natural person, fund, Business Angels?...): Industrial partner who could be surety of our needs in BFRs, Business Angel, private who knows this universe, brand who would eventually acquire a product sneakers, distributor senior

Evaluation de l'entreprise avant la levée : 1 million euros

Target Amount: 300,000 euros (minimum)

Montant minimum par investisseur:  100,000 euros

Proposed Participation as a percentage of capital: A Negotiate

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