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The first SITE that addresses those who do not yet know what they want

Reverse Vehicle search website, and is intended as an alternative to the classic consultation of ads. offers an online search based on the needs and practical aspects with a total digital accompaniment on the entire customer path.
Works thanks to an algorithm that draws its information in a real car repository source of commercial and technical data of vehicles marketed in France to know what exists, choose the model that suits you best, and Finally find your vehicle according to your wishes.
Help you find a new car, funded, insured and delivered in front of your home without moving your couch. This approach in automotive research is unique and responds to the growing market demand for a needs-oriented and no longer produced solution.
Only one website to consult for all its AUTOMOBILE procedures.

Year of Creation: 2016


Capital: € 20k

Current turnover: 11K €

Projected turnover in 4 years (with lift): 1400k €

Workforce: 4


In parallel, we develop for our own use a complete automotive repository called "OMNES Car" which brings together all the commercial and technical data of the automobiles currently marketed (new cars) and formerly Marketed (used cars) in France.
This new repository is under construction allowing a simple and reliable identification of the models. This database currently being developed has nearly 150 000 model references with an average of 200 datas per reference. The goal is to climb to more than 200 000 references with up to 500 datas per reference.
Compared to current repositories, we will add the colors available per model, one video per model, and several photos per vehicle with a 360 °
At the request of a finance company, an auto web site and an auto software publisher, we plan to commercialize this repository in B2B.

Your target market:

More than 7,750,000 cars sold in France in 2017 including 2.1 million of new cars, and 5% of these buyers no longer want to move in concession (18% in 2022 source MotorK). Here's our target!
92% of buyers go through the Internet, 62% of buyers know neither the brand nor the model they will buy at the beginning of their search and visit on average 14 automotive websites.
Buyers considèraient in their course 5 models in 2017 versus 2.5 in 2010 (source Sophus 3).
The 1st type of automotive search on search engines concerns the comparison of models in the same category (Google source).
The first request of Internet users in their car choice is to answer their use. Research is therefore oriented "needs" rather than "product". At the same time it is noted that fidelity to an automobile brand is steadily declining. (Source firm Deloitte)
We offer vehicles from professional (new or used) revised and guaranteed, among 25 000 professionals of motor-trade in France including 5000 dealers.

The competition:

Automotive Information Sites (,
Used car ad sites (,,
New car ad sites (,
The advanced sites of traders or groups of dealers (,
Comparator sites (

For Omnes car, the competition is as follows: Automobile repository editor.

The strengths of your offer in relation to your competitors.:

. The first site to focus on the needs and practical aspects of research by reversing the traditional method of conventional consultation of ads. The search is based on criteria of use, preferably, and characteristics desired for his vehicle, instead of a classic search by brand and model.
. On, the Internet user fills in his precise criteria, and will receive proposals for vehicles guaranteed and reviewed by automotive professionals.
. The site includes all types of vehicles, new and used, and all related services such as financing, online booking, payment, insurance, old vehicle takeover and home delivery.
. Thanks to its automotive repository, provides access to all commercial and technical information of the market vehicles, and online car comparator.
. User reviews for all brands and models.
. A unique site for the entire customer path from the search of information to the delivery through all the intermediate stages. brings together for the first time all the services in a single site allowing a presence on the entire client course. This approach is unique to the user.

For the Omnes Car repository, the strengths are as follows:
. The most complete and precise automotive repository on the market.
. Comprehensive and reliable automotive repository.
. Car repository easy to use and eliminates the risk of identification error.

The strengths of the team:

. Professional experience of the leader in the online car market (12 years of experience in the Web auto including 9 years at startup resold to the EMAS digital Group Mondadori Axel Springer). Knowledge of the auto market and Permanent watch, and a customer network pro existing throughout France.
. A dedicated and experienced web Developer in all the solutions used on the site.
. An experienced and competent database manager.
. An experienced freelance web designer (in Paris)
. A second experienced freelance developer.

Patent: Deposit Idea + brand + logo to INPI
Your projects at 2 years (development strategy, potential commercial successes...). Please give approximate figures and explain the strategy to achieve them.:

For, our projects are as follows:
. Complete the implementation of all site features (user accounts, online financing, online insurance, online vehicle recovery, online booking, online payment, online rentals, keyword search bar, Search by questions, online Chat, user reviews, purchase PDF vehicle files, comparator vehicles, maintenance on-line vehicles.
. Use of AI in the recheche of vehicles in the referential base (study in progress with another startup)
. Deploy the site all over France.
. Deploy the site to other European countries (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain in the first place)

For the car repository OMNES car, our projects are as follows:
. Complete the design of the technical architecture (in progress) and the design of the input interface to set up the input for a standalone update of the announcements, and update and correct the current datas.
. Setting up of the purchase of vehicle files in. pdf format
. Opening user accounts
. Mobile Application IOS and Android.
. Marketing in B to B in France, then in other European countries in the next step.

Your references major accounts or outstanding customers:

Groupe Bodemer Automobiles (concessions Renault, Nissan, Dacia)
Groupe Ets Touquet (concessions Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda)
Saint Clair Automobile Group (dealerships Kia, Mazda, Skoda, Suzuki)
Liz Auto (All brands)

The amount you want to raise: 500k € on 1yr of which 200k € now
What will this amount be used for?:

Hiring of 2 developers to complete the technical development of the website and the automotive repository.
Hire 1 commercial to accompany online business and develop partnerships with professionals.
Hiring of 1 additional database manager.
SEO and SEA referencing enhancement

What type of investor are you looking for? (Natural person, funds, assets, liabilities, majority, minority?...): BA or fond, but active investors and partners in the adventure with minority participation.
How much do you evaluate the value of your business at the time of the exercise?: 1m € According to KPMG study